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Hotel Food Recommendation

2020/5/23 16:20:14 182 Browses Category:Entertainment

Hongze Lake Hairy Crab


Peing Duck with noodles

Boiled dried silk

Mutton chop

Braised sheep and scorpion 

Braised pork with Grandma

Roast fish

Yang zhou salted duck

Wuchang Fish

Stewed tiger tail with pumpkin

Taigong fishing 


Fragrant smile

Healthy potherb bag

Auspicious three treasures

Sunflower meat with orchid

Double flavored shrimp with Matcha

Soft pelagic fish

West Lake  chrysanthemum fish

Guotie stuffed with pork

White jade chips

Beijing slice skin roast duck

Distinctive braised hooves

French Roast Lamb chops

Stir fried Seafood

Gold ingot

Huang qiao Pancake

Huang qiao Pancake 1

Chinese date

Secret jellyfish head

Four Kinds of farm

Steamed rainbow spot

Nestle Phoenix shrimp ball

Deep sea scallop King

Shredded mushrooms

Small fat sheep in sour soup

Western Blue Button meat with Frankincense

Braised Beef Brisket in Western style

Nourising crab roe and lion·s head

Sesame and cabbage heart

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